Hi Danielle, the love spells you cast for me worked in just two weeks and now my lover is back. Moreover he wants to end this relationship with a new relationship (marriage), yes he wants to marry me now. He says that he was wrong in leaving me alone and that now he would never ever leave me for any reason, thanks a ton Danielle

Susan Morgan - MI, USA

I had ordered two spells from you, one a protection spell and the other a love spell, would like to inform you that your love spell had already shown result but your protection spell, am not able to see any result as of date. Please re-cast the protection spell as I think it is not working and thanks a lot for the love spell.

Adam Miller - NY, USA

After a relationship for seven long years my girlfriend refused to marry me, the reason was that we are not meant for each other, I was all heart broken, but then I came to know that she has fallen for another guy. I was in a dilemma of how to bring her back, when your love spells worked like a miracle for me; it not only bought my girlfriend back to me but has erased all memories of that another person from her mind. Now she loves only me and loves me more than before. Thank you Danielle, I would surely recommend you to my other friends.

Jack Slot - NSW, Aus

Hi Danielle, your luck spells were awesome, they worked for me within a week, and just as you had suggested to test it out by betting money, I did, it seems as if I have the Midas touch, wherever I bet or gamble I win, thanks a million, please cast a protection spell for me as well.

Jenny Date - VC, Canada

We were in the seventh year of our marriage when my wife decided to part ways, she was adamant and wanted a divorce, she had no reason but then she just wanted a divorce, it was then when Danielle helped me out with her love spell and the glue together spell, it has been three weeks now that both of us are consuming the portion in timely fashion and now my wife does not want a divorce from me, rather she is sorry for what she had asked from me and also says that only death can part our ways now and that she would never leave me, so far so good Danielle, thanks a lot girl. I would also want you to cast a happy marriage spell and a protection spell for both of us. Please do let me know when you cast them.

Anthony Gross - TX, USA

I am from a far way land and am not in the same country or city were Danielle resides but then also her love spells she cast for me sitting at her place worked for me like medicine. My boyfriend now has a stable job and wants to get married to me.

Anjali Patel - Mumbai, India

Danielle , I am from a city and country were black magic and voodoo is born, but yet I was cheated by so many spell caster, but I would like to mention that you have a gifted soul and you are not like those fake casters who only charge money. Your spells work, I still remember that the first time when it had not worked you asked for my credit card details to refund the money, but I took a decision to give it another go, and this time your luck spells have worked for me thanks a lot for the simplicity you had shown, you are a real spell caster, cheers!!

Omoruyi Koumagnon - Birmingham, UK